Free guide for energy-intensive businesses: Navigate the energy crisis

1 min read published on June 13, 2022

Whether it’s record energy prices, rising REGO costs, security of supply or net zero goals, energy-intensive industries are facing a host of overlapping challenges in 2022.

ENTRNCE has launched a free, downloadable guide to help large businesses thrive in the turbulent energy landscape. Navigating the energy crisis explains how to build a robust strategy that will protect against price volatility, achieve energy security and prepare for increasingly stringent decarbonisation targets.

The guide shows how businesses can make data-driven decisions on renewable investments, to maximise financial return and improve their clean energy “score”. It also shares insights into the future of 24/7 carbon-free energy, and how businesses can take their first steps towards this ambitious target.


Challenging times


The past few months have seen unprecedented volatility in the energy markets, and it isn’t a temporary situation. Energy analysts Cornwall Insight have predicted that “boom-and-bust energy pricing” could remain a problem into the 2030s and beyond.


At the same time, there is growing pressure on companies to take the climate crisis seriously. April 2022 saw the introduction of mandatory climate risk reporting for large companies, and stakeholders are demanding that businesses prove their green credentials. Major energy users need solutions that prove they are committed to decarbonising their operations. 


Jaron Reddy, Business Lead UK & Ireland at ENTRNCE said “Companies need an energy strategy that protects them from the energy-related risks that threaten their operations as well as bringing them into the 21st century with action on climate. Our new guide explains the practical steps that businesses can take to get there, whatever stage they are at in their decarbonisation journey.”




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Picture of Jaron Reddy - Business Lead UK

Published June 13, 2022

Jaron Reddy - Business Lead UK