ENTRNCE joins UN 24/7 CFE Compact

1 min read published on June 7, 2022

Because we believe that strength comes in numbers, at ENTRNCE, we have decided to join the UN’s mission towards a future of carbon free energy. As a solution provider in this space, we believe we offer a certain expertise to the cause and are thrilled to part of this consortium. We are convinced that this movement can be pivotal in leading the industry towards net-zero, or even better: 24/7 carbon free energy. 

The UN 24/7 CFE Compact are a global group of companies, policymakers, investors, and organizations on a mission to realise a 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy future for all. This means that every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption is met with carbon-free electricity sources. Through the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) Compact, we will work together with the consortium to develop and scale technologies, energy policies, procurement practices, and solutions to transform the broader energy system and enable rapid and cost-effective carbon-free energy — every hour, every day, everywhere.

By joining this collective effort, we help to accelerate the transformation of electric grids globally and create a future where all electricity consumption worldwide is served by carbon-free energy sources. 

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Picture of Jaron Reddy - Business Lead UK

Published June 7, 2022

Jaron Reddy - Business Lead UK