US Federal Government Sets 24/7 CFE goal

1 min read published on December 23, 2021

As you know, at ENTRNCE we help our customers in Europe to gain deeper insights into their electricity sourcing, showing them where they are on their journey to 24/7 carbon free electricity (CFE).

But now there is also major news from across the pond. The US Federal Government will use its purchasing power to “drive clean, healthy and resilient operations”.

As you might expect, this means that it commits to buying only zero-emission vehicles (by 2035) and a net-zero emissions building portfolio (by 2045). Nothing short of spectacular is their goal for “100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity (CFE) by 2030, at least half of which will be locally supplied clean energy to meet 24/7 demand.”

24/7 is picking up serious steam: after pledges by the likes of Google and Microsoft, this commitment from the US Federal Government is a major milestone, hopefully inspiring other governments to follow.

You can follow the US Federal Government and set 24/7 CFE goals for procuring your electricity too, without being a major corporation or government. ENTRNCE can help you gain deeper insights into your electricity sourcing, showing you where you are on your own journey to 24/7 CFE.