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Request a free demo to see why the Matcher is the only technology platform available to Local Authorities that offers a truly powerful clean energy modelling functionality. With our help, you can be sure the claims you make about your energy are true.

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The Matcher at a glance

  • A unique data platform - reveals where your energy is really coming from
  • Half-hourly data, 24/7
  • Works at an organisational, or regional level
  • Highlights the gaps in clean energy supply
  • Simulates the addition of renewable and storage technologies
  • Helps you make science-based decisions on capital investments
  • Informs clean energy strategies and local area energy plans

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Gain funding and investment

In an environment where every budget decision must be justified, the data-driven simulations from the Matcher provide the hard evidence you need to move forwards with capital expenditure or a new contract. And, when you have made these decisions, you can keep using the Matcher to track the ongoing success of your renewable energy strategy.

jaron reddy
Jaron Reddy

Business Lead UK and Ireland at ENTRNCE

“Public sector organisations are working hard to decarbonise, but the scale of the challenge is huge. Budgets are tight and time is short, so clean energy investment decisions need to be right, first time. We developed the Matcher in response to that need – it helps organisations map out a route to 100% carbon-free energy that is backed up by robust data.”

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