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The Matcher at a glance

  • A unique data platform - reveals where your energy is really coming from
  • Half-hourly data, 24/7
  • Works at an organisational, or regional level
  • Highlights the gaps in clean energy supply
  • Simulates the addition of renewable and storage technologies
  • Helps you make science-based decisions on capital investments
  • Informs clean energy strategies and local area energy plans

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Gain funding and investment

In an environment where every budget decision must be justified, the data-driven simulations from the Matcher provide the hard evidence you need to move forwards with capital expenditure or a new contract. And, when you have made these decisions, you can keep using the Matcher to track the ongoing success of your renewable energy strategy.

jaron reddy
Jaron Reddy

Business Lead UK and Ireland at ENTRNCE

“Public sector organisations are working hard to decarbonise, but the scale of the challenge is huge. Budgets are tight and time is short, so clean energy investment decisions need to be right, first time. We developed the Matcher in response to that need – it helps organisations map out a route to 100% carbon-free energy that is backed up by robust data.”

FAQ: the Matcher

What is the Matcher?

The Matcher is a data platform that allows an organisation or local area to see exactly how much of their energy comes from clean sources. It lines up sourcing data with consumption data within half-hourly time frames, to tell you the actual proportion of renewable energy being used. Once you know your real “clean energy score”, the Matcher can help you improve it, by modelling which clean energy investments could best meet consumption patterns. 

How does it work?

The Matcher taps into energy market databases to offer its service. With a simple login, consumers can access information on their consumption profile vs renewable generation, anytime. Transparent, granular insights are readily available for reporting purposes. At any given time.  

FAQs for end users

What is my organisation’s clean energy score?

Your clean energy score is the true (half-hourly) proportion of the energy you use that comes from renewable sources. Every organisation or region will have a unique energy score based on its current patterns of sourcing and consumption. It may bear no resemblance whatsoever to the labelling on your electricity tariff or CPPA contract. The only way to find out your actual clean energy score is to try the Matcher and see the data for yourself.  

How does the Matcher work out our clean energy score?

Data is the key. The Matcher takes half-hourly snapshots of the energy mix available to your organisation or area. Then it matches it with your consumption data, again in half-hourly segments. This level of granularity allows it to build up a clear picture of how well consumption is aligned with renewable generation. There are bound to be some gaps where renewables can’t cover your consumption needs and fossil fuels make up the shortfall. The bigger and more frequent these gaps are, the lower your clean energy score. Part of the Matcher’s job is to help you boost this score by making different choices in future.  

My organisation is on a 100% renewable tariff, so won’t our clean energy score be 100% too?

Unfortunately not. Unless you’re completely off-grid and getting all your energy from your own renewable generators, some of the electricity you use will be from fossil fuel sources. The electricity in the grid is generated from a variety of sources but then all goes into the same system, so it’s impossible to separate the clean from the dirty. The current system for labelling energy as “green” involves certificates called REGOs, and it’s a bit problematic. So it’s sadly not as easy as just choosing the right tariff.  

Will a renewable CPPA deliver a 100% clean energy score?

Again, the reality is more complex. A renewable corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA) can be an important step towards decarbonising your organisation or region’s power usage. As a direct agreement between the consumer and the generator, they can be an appealing alternative to traditional supplier contracts. But a “100% renewable” CPPA can’t really deliver on the promise on the label. The natural intermittency of renewables is balanced by grid energy, which means some fossil fuels in the mix. The Matcher can tell you exactly how well your CPPA is serving your decarbonisation goals and then help to make it work harder for you. (For more detail on how CPPAs work, see our whitepaper on CPPAs and transparency.)  

Our organisation’s clean energy score is terrible. What now?

Many people are unpleasantly surprised by the low proportion of renewable energy their organisation consumes. But getting this level of clarity is the first step on your journey to real decarbonisation. The Matcher has a powerful simulation functionality that allows you to model the effects of different measures: a different CPPA, investment in on-site renewables, battery storage and so on. It will tell you exactly how each measure, or combination of measures, will affect your clean energy score. This ability to forecast the results of different changes makes the tough decisions easier. It also makes it easier to build a case for spending in specific areas.  

Does the Matcher simulate energy efficiency measures?

Because the Matcher gives you a clear picture of when consumption exceeds or falls short of renewable generation, it can help you target these gaps. It can also use datasets of hypothetical future electrification scenarios to calculate the most suitable renewable sources of energy (wind, solar, storage, etc..) to suit demand. This will inform your decision-making about energy efficiency measures.  

Do other platforms do what the Matcher does?

No. The Matcher is the only data platform that offers this kind of powerful, accurate clean energy modelling functionality. This is the only technology available that will allow you to develop a completely greenwash-proof energy strategy.  

Can the Matcher save our organisation money?

Yes. For many organisations, money is a key driver of the choice to invest in renewable assets or sign a CPPA. But if a significant proportion of your energy is actually coming from the grid, you will be paying more than you need to. The Matcher can help you maximise the amount of energy that actually comes from your selected renewable sources, thereby minimising your spending on grid energy or REGO top-up. Your organisation has lower energy costs overall, and you are much less vulnerable to energy market volatility.  

Can the Matcher help organisations in the public sector?

Yes. Many public sector organisations are taking steps to boost their energy security by signing CPPAs or investing in their own renewable assets. These measures will save money and kickstart your net zero journey, but it isn’t always obvious exactly how to go about it. The Matcher can help with the big investment decisions because its modelling functionality lets you simulate the outcomes of different choices. To learn more, read our blogpost on the Matcher and public sector decarbonisation. 

Will the Matcher get us to 24/7 clean energy?

24/7 clean energy isn’t quite possible – yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t aim for it and make it an aim for the long term.  Tools like the Matcher can get you started on that journey by dramatically boosting the proportion of renewables in the energy your organisation consumes.  

Which organisations are using the Matcher?

The Matcher is new to the UK, but it is well established in our native Netherlands. Schiphol Airport, Netherlands National Rail and Port of Amsterdam are three examples of companies that are using the Matcher to understand the impact of net zero measures before investments are made.  

In the UK, we are running a project with a large university, and are soon to do the same a with a major public transport company. The Matcher is unique to the UK market and we welcome enquiries from different sectors.  

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