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The setup and running of an energy community isn’t easy. You want optimised renewable consumption and generation within your community, plus having a stake in the energy market.


The setup and running of an energy community isn’t easy. You want optimised renewable consumption and generation within your community, plus having a stake in the energy market.


How can energy communities make their mark in the future energy market?

Energy communities will be key players in the decentralised energy market. It will require robust tools and software to implement transactive energy systems, overcome community challenges and achieve renewable energy goals.

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From renewable idealism to energy trading communities.

We’ve helped communities realise their dreams with innovative solutions, optimally matching their production and consumption, and software to help facilitate effective energy trading capabilities.

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“With our knowledge, concepts and services in renewable generation, self-supply and smart energy exchange, we enable individual organizations and energy communities to take matters into their own hands and be independent from energy suppliers. We facilitate system change and accelerate the transition to an affordable and reliable CO2-free energy system. With ENTRNCE we are able to handle every transaction on the Dutch electricity market in a transparent manner."

Gerard Adema

CEO - CoRenew B.V.

How ENTRNCE helps
energy communities


Help you grow (fast!)

To prevent heavy upfront IT systems investment, we base our solutions on ‘pay as you grow’ principles to get you trading energy quickly.


High-level transparency 

Honesty is the best policy and our solutions provide the means to be completely transparent and honest about the origin and destination of your renewable energy. 


Independent energy management

Do it your way, and trade energy directly. Our platform allows energy trading within the community, but also with energy suppliers, DSOs and other interested parties.


Maximum flexibility & simplicity

Nobody likes to be bound. Inflexibility is against our belief in freedom of choice. We supply easy to use energy trading solutions that require no long-term commitment.  



Local Energy markets will dominate the future. Our propositions, tools and solutions help you to capitalise on local energy markets now!  Be a step ahead and take advantage of new and unlimited opportunities now and in the future.

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Full-time innovators 

As an International team of experts with Europe-wide focus on renewable energy trading. We’re continually adapting and adjusting future solutions to accommodate the evolution of decentralised energy markets. We’re not just selling solutions, we have your greater outcomes in mind.

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Our solution for your energy community

We’re dedicated to building future solutions that can be implemented within your energy community today. Helping you towards independence, creating thriving, sustainable business models, and using products that provide accurate insights to your energy flows with optimisation of your renewable assets.


We’ll solve your energy challenge together.

A low-cost, self-sufficient energy community is an achievable dream. With the same passion as you for change, our experts are ready and eager to help. Energy systems are our thing, so let’s get you started.

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