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“As a result of electrification and digitisation, we will soon reach the limits of what the substations can handle. People need to be aware that if we carry on as we are, at some point the lights could go out.”

Robin Schipper

Founder of Shared Energy Platform (SEP)

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Elmar Wouda

Business Consultant

"Before I came to work at ENTRNCE, I (as a consumer) did not see the complex challenges arising from the energy transition. Unfortunately, we are not there yet with the installation of more windmills and solar panels. I think it's great to be able to help ENTRNCE on a daily basis to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle and thus accelerate the energy transition."

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Rob van der Horst


“I strongly believe in empowering people to be the best they can be and building successful companies on that foundation. Creating real impact for the energy transition is what drives me and my team at ENTRNCE.”

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