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On our mission to create a more transparent energy market, we have managed to connect the future decentralised market to the here and now. We love to share our knowledge and our vision on the new energy system that we are all part of.

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Corporate PPAs and half hourly matching

It is our strong belief retailers will move towards a more service-focussed role in the future energy market. Utilities will need to provide insights and advice about how consumers set out to achieve their low carbon goals.

We help you provide those insights to gain an edge in the competitive corporate PPA market.

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Together all things are possible. See how our customers conquer their greatest energy market challenges, through our platform facilitation, sustainable local energy, transparent energy flows and equitable energy exchange.

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Rob van der Horst


“I strongly believe in empowering people to be the best they can be and building successful companies on that foundation. Creating real impact for the energy transition is what drives me and my team at ENTRNCE.”

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Auke te Winkel

IT Specialist

“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. Together with our development team and driven by a passion for the transition to a sustainable society, I try to put this into practice by delivering high quality software that will accelerate the energy transition."

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