New business models for decentralised energy markets

Together we create new customer propositions

With net zero in demand, advanced solutions are required. Our innovative technology facilitates consumers with a transparent, regional, and renewable energy supply.


With net zero in demand, advanced solutions are required. Our innovative technology facilitates consumers with a transparent, regional, and renewable energy supply.


How can we facilitate and commercialise decentralised energy markets together?

Awareness of greener energy supply and distribution is growing. Residential and corporate clients wishing to tap into this, are becoming highly conscious of energy production and consumption patterns. Provide opportunities for them to optimise energy usage, fulfil their sustainable ideologies ánd reduce their energy bill at the same time.

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From environmental uncertainty to efficient green energy supply

ENTRNCE has developed a variety of innovative solutions to ensure propositions for decentralised markets are attractive, effective, insightful and future-proof.

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Sander ten Cate

"ENTRNCE is a solid and scalable platform that makes it easy for start-up suppliers to trade electricity. In addition, all data is in one place, which makes it easy to prepare invoices. Transparent, well-arranged and well suited to IT back-office landscapes. I have been working with it satisfactorily for years in various organizations"

Sander ten Kate

Founder & CEO - A Consultancy Company

How ENTRNCE helps
energy suppliers


Next-level transparency

Energy matching, using constant and advanced granular data, confirming the exact origin and destination of renewable energy supply.


Help build new business models

Increase loyalty and retention by keeping customers involved. With automatic sourcing, monitoring and reporting,  provide them with 24/7 accessibility to their data, to help achieve their sustainability goals.


Competitive edge

Increase loyalty and retention by keeping customers involved. 


Future influence

Local energy markets will dominate the future, and transparency will highlight multiple opportunities for cross-selling from actual insights. We offer both B2B and B2C propositions to facilitate and commercialise local energy markets.


Ahead of the energy curve

ENTRNCE offers a complete roadmap of solutions, 24/7 matching is simply the beginning. We’ve got you covered for the next innovation too, intra-portfolio trading!


White label solutions

Brand recognition is as important to us, as it is to you. Ready-to-use, transparent energy supply solutions that are designed to strengthen your brand and meet company and customer demand.

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Powerful solutions for energy suppliers

No ‘one size fits all’ when engaging energy consumers. This is why ENTRNCE is dedicated to creating solutions that assist energy suppliers to facilitate customer demand in decentralised energy markets. Our products give you the flexibility to develop new B2C and B2B propositions with creative and revolutionary ways of engagement.


We can tackle your challenge together.

Decentralised energy production, storage and consumption will continue to grow rapidly. The use of transparent energy solutions, creates opportunities of developing new client propositions. Speak to our experts and ensure your energy supply system is ready for the future.

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