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Jan Pellis Stedin
Jan Pellis

Innovation manager

“We see opportunities in increasing system efficiency by facilitating initiatives that offer customers solutions to gain more control and insight into the origin and destination of green energy.”

Sander ten Cate
Sander ten Kate

CEO - A consultancy company

“ENTRNCE is a solid and scalable platform that makes it easy for starting suppliers to trade electricity for their portfolio. In addition, all data is in one place, which makes it easy to to prepare an invoice. Transparent, well-arranged and well suited to IT landscape organization. I have been working with it satisfactorily for years in various organizations.”

Robin Schipper
Robin Schipper

Founder Shared Energy Platform

“ENTRNCE offers a lot more than just 24/7 matching. We also use the ENTRNCE trader platform to sell our renewable production surpluses and in that way allow others in our region to benefit from our renewable assets.”


It’s time to track and control your own renewable energy consumption

If you sign Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), is your energy consumption really clean? Can you prove your green energy credentials? Unless large-scale corporates have the tools to match their consumption with their own production, greenwashing is still very much the norm.

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We build energy exchange solutions to help energy consumers, generators and suppliers accelarate towards a low carbon future.