Efficient local energy exchange

Energy systems to prepare for a decentralised future

Decentralised energy markets will play a crucial role in attaining global sustainability goals. This process requires advanced technology with in-depth transparency to consume renewable energy when it’s available.

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A sustainable future relies upon simplifying renewable energy systems

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Don’t let energy transition complexities stop you from achieving your renewable goals. Creating a transparent energy market and fairer energy exchange, ensuring optimal use of local energy when you need it.

Empowering local energy use for sustainability and reliability.

Power generation from renewable energy sources can be obscure. Rising consumption, grid constraints and outdated market models pose problems; of unreliable and unaccounted energy sources with untold truths of greenwashing.

With accurate data reporting, energy systems management becomes clearer.

The key to empowerment of local energy use is through data. Bridging the void of energy generation and consumption you can use active, reliable and timely data to gain insights into energy optimisation. Know what is being generated, consumed, exchanged and traded. The truth about energy sources benefits all and puts the power of the future in your hands.

Energy market complexity, simplified via local energy systems.

Energy solutions to simplify a complex decentralised future.


Together we shape local energy systems.

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Rob van der Horst


“ENTRNCE believes in transparency, stability and reliability. As a trusted neutral party, we provide a platform for decentralised energy markets facilitation for the benefit of grid stability whilst allowing energy producers and consumers to trade directly.”

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Jaron Reddy

Business lead UK

“We want to improve transparency in the energy market. Minimising greenwashing by closing the gap between consumer renewable generation and consumption, using advanced granular data for optimal alignment”

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Sander ten Kate

"ENTRNCE is a solid and scalable platform that makes it easy for starting suppliers to trade electricity for their portfolio. In addition, all data is in one place, which makes it easy to to prepare an invoice. Transparent, well-arranged and well suited to IT landscape organization. I have been working with it satisfactorily for years in various organizations"

Sander ten Kate

CEO - A Consultancy Company

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