Smarter local energy exchange

Together we can provide future-proof energy markets

Discover how to facilitate local energy exchange and manage your power grids simultaneously.


Discover how to facilitate local energy exchange and manage your power grids simultaneously.


How do we facilitate local energy markets that will sustain into the future?

ENTRNCE doesn’t just help future-proof energy systems and power grids. We also facilitate new local energy markets for DSOs and provide a link to grid balancing and other grid operations.

Understand Implicit Flex

We help grid operators facilitate local energy systems

We’re neutral players in the energy market, combining transparency with smart solutions.

Meet our team of innovators
Jan Pellis Stedin

“We see opportunities in increasing system efficiency by facilitating initiatives that offer customers solutions to gain more control and insight into the origin and destination of green energy.”

Jan Pellis

Innovation Manager and co-founcer of the Layered Energy System (LES) - Stedin

How ENTRNCE helps grid operators


Decentralising energy markets

By facilitating decentralisation we help local energy systems thrive.


Next-level grid optimisation

When locally produced energy is locally consumed, the power grid is decongested. Everyone benefits.


Servicing Energy Communities

Our transparent, modern energy exchange solutions help energy communities grow.


Experts in the DSO/TSO ecosystem

We are part of a strong European network, and the largest DSO in The Netherlands. We’re all specialists in your field.


Full-time innovators

We’re not just selling solutions. We continuously adapt to evolving decentralised energy markets.


Granular data for stabilised grids

We know exactly where and when renewable energy is being produced and consumed for power grid optimisation.

More benefits for DSOs

Grid balancing solutions designed for the future.

ENTRNCE lets DSOs and TSOs facilitate energy trading between local producers and consumers. Our solutions help you optimise energy grid usage in decentralised energy markets through transparency and data.


Let us tackle your energy grid management challenges.

You’ve got one goal: a reliable, balanced grid. In a near future of decentralised local energy, it’s our goal too.

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